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Welcome to Racketeers Tennis!

A fun and exciting way for children to learn how to play Tennis.  


Give your school pupils a fun tennis experience and book in one of our expert Racketeers tennis coaches for a full or half a day this coming term. We will come into your school with all rackets, foams/tennis balls, nets and fun games,  and spend 30minutes to 1 hour with each year group from EYRS to YR6. 


Children will enjoy playing with their friends, learning lots of skills whilst keeping fit and healthy and developing their coordination, balance and reactions. A reward day or taster day is fun, exciting and we make it a truly memorable sporting experience for the whole school. 


Cost: E-mail for a quote: info@sporting-dreams.co.uk

We have various fun games and lesson plans for different year groups which are linked to the National Curriculum. 
Children will:
-Play fun games while learning skills and improving their balance, reactions and hand to hand coordination skills. also including;
-Throwing and catching skills
-How to bowl underarm
-How to score points 
-How to serve
-How to hit various shots (Depending on their age and ability)
   -Forehand shot
   -Drop shot
   -Lob shot 
   -Volley return
   -Half volley return 




RacketeersTennis Taster Day for Schools



Simililar to all of our sports programs for schools, the key to a success lesson is to keep everyone involved and active and engaged during the lesson, even the teachers and even those who don't like tennis but they might like being the referee and keeping scores (maths) and making decisions (iniciative) on who won the point.




Our Tennis program for schools is called RacketeersTennis. We hope the children will say to their parents and friends, we had RacketeersTennis today and it was great fun!




Costs and Dates for a Day:



Please get in touch for a quote and send 3 preferred dates that you would like a day. We can then check which staff members are available on the dates you require.


Please email info@sporting-dreams.co.uk or visit www.racketeerstennis.com or call Darren Hill on 07813 175 444.





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